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About Us

Finding beauty in everyday life

Photography has always been an essential part of our creative life, starting from playing with grandfather's Zenith film camera, to eventually moving into digital photography. We love natural light in photography and real life mess above all, but we do enjoy props in photography as well.

Our Story

We have always loved taking photos of family and friends, and throughout the years, our passion and understanding of photography only grew. 
What excites us the most is those real, unfiltered emotions and interactions between adults and kids holding a special place in their hearts. 
We love the natural environment and joyful play between light and shadow, changing dynamics of families and teams, honesty of kids interactions

and the simple joy of everyday life. Just so you know, if you've actually read all of that, you can ask for a twenty per cent discount, wink, wink.

Pawel specialises in sports photography, portraits and family photography. Monika mainly focuses on everyday life, family and kids portraits. After several friends approached us to help them save their special moments, we decided to give professional photography a go and never looked back. 

Meet The Team



Creative at heart 


Looking for magic in everyday life

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